Each Sunday, Boatshed Ireland will bring you a racing report and photos from Dublin Bay's 'Spring Chicken' Series 2016.
After last week's cancellation, racing got under way this Valentine's morning in cloudy conditions with an easterly gusting to 30+knots and with some nice waves rolling into the bay. The sleet changed into sunshine and PRO Henry Leonard set a W/L course with a .9 mile beat into a flooding tide for the 28 boat fleet.

With some 1720's setting fractional kites downwind and surfing on the 2m waves, there were the inevitable 'chinese' gybes and difficulties encountered.
At the start of Round 3 the committee vessel Freebird was required to leave station to take one of the competitors, the 'Lady A' in tow before a potential beaching not far from Seapoint. The Royal Irish YC 1720 had experienced a man over board whilst wrapping their spinnaker around the masthead and were unable to sail off the lee-shore.
Thank you to coxswain Mark McGibney and the RNLI offshore vessel for standing by during the operation, and kudos to the Committee Boat's regular driver Brendan who handled the boat expertly in the breaking surf to engage the tow. Thankfully all ended well, and the call from the organisers asked for finishers to record their own times in the absence of a finishing vessel.

'Honesty' results may be published mid-week and we will keep you updated.
Lots of photos and a full report next Sunday here on our blog and on Boatshed Ireland Facebook.